Thursday, December 9, 2021; Queensland, Australia

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Keep the bad guys out

Home burglaries are most likely to happen during the day when people are at work. Burglars usually get in by forcing open a window or door. It is important to be security-conscious all the time - even when you are at home as burglars will also climb through windows or walk through open doors while you are upstairs or in the backyard. Burglars are opportunists who will wander the streets looking for an easy target.

A single open window is all they need. They want to get in and out fast, so they're likely to pass up a house with obvious security like a security alarm, and break into one that takes less effort.

An empty house is preferred. Thieves will look out for signs you're not home - an overflowing letterbox or bins out on the street when neighbours have taken theirs in. Don't advertise that you're out or away.

They'll often pick a house that looks empty and ring the doorbell in case someone is home, with a story about looking for a mate who lives in the street or some other excuse. If no-one answers they'll have a quick look around for a key; if they don't find one, they'll break in.

Look out for your neighbours. If you hear an alarm or breaking glass, check to see what's happening. If you see people acting suspiciously - maybe jumping fences or quickly loading up an unfamiliar car with valuable items – do not approach them, call the police on 000.

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